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Happier, healthier workplaces. Happier, healthier society. 

Flipside has facilitated courageous conversations and bold decision making about inclusion, wellbeing and culture with key industry players such as Google, Meridian Energy, New Zealand Rugby Players Association, Radio New Zealand, Christ's College, The Crusaders, Orion Energy, Mainland Football, Enable and Connetics. We help you develop fresh perspectives - to think about the flip side to practices that aren't quite working for your business or your staff.

The most ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more profitable.

(McKinsey, 2018)

Compared to other sectors, New Zealand lawyers have twice the rate of poor mental health and fewer people report having good social and work wellbeing.

(New Zealand Law Society, 2016)

61% of all employees report downplaying their differences at work. 

(Deloitte, Uncovering Talent, 2013)

Losing an employee can cost up to 1.5 times their annual salary. Happy people are productive people who want to hang around and see what exciting stuff happens next. To recruit and retain the very best talent we need to ensure our workplaces are healthy and inclusive so the people who form the vital cogs of the company machine simply love coming to work. Your purpose is their purpose. Synchronicity.

Buzzwords are everywhere: unconscious bias, diversity, resilience, inclusion, emotional intelligence, flexible working, upward mentoring, holistic wellbeing...the list is endless.

Flipside helps you get beyond the buzzwords and figure out what the real advantage is for your business. We help you create a self aware, progressive and caring company. For the many, not the few. The kind of employer you'd want to work for.

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