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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Happier, healthier workplaces.
Happier, healthier society. 

Flipside Consulting has facilitated courageous conversations and bold decision making about inclusion, culture and leadership with key industry players throughout New Zealand.


We help your people develop fresh perspectives - to think about the flip side to practices that aren't quite working for your business or your staff. 

About Flipside

Suran Dickson, Director of Flipside Consulting, is an industry leading expert on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. An influential writer and speaker, with numerous awards under her belt, including a British Rising Star CEO accolade in 2015, Suran was named the 10th most influential person in the UK in the Independent newspaper's annual pride list. Through Flipside Consulting, she empowers organisations to ensure workplace culture is healthy, emotionally intelligent and adapting to this ever changing world.

What We Offer

Flipside will tailor challenging, empowering programmes to any business – from 30-minute lunchtime sessions to longer-term strategic support to ensure your workplace culture is inclusive, emotionally intelligent and invites innovation.

Our Clients

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