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Our Services

Our style is interactive, fun and flexes with the challenges your team face. Our high impact shot-in-the-arm approach defies ‘the traditional workshop’ and helps people understand the science behind human behaviour and the tools needed to change it. We help companies get the best out of their people through inclusive leadership, a culture of allyship and aligned teams who know how to communicate effectively. This means your people are likely to stay with your company AND contribute great ideas. That's a win:win!

We specialise in two areas:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) 

  • Team Alignment

Flipside DEIB Solutions:

  • Inclusive Leadership Programmes

  • DEIB Discovery 

  • Workshops addressing neuroscience, tribalism, unconscious bias, diverse groups, allyship, banter - all the gritty stuff to help your  company create a truly inclusive culture.

  • Establishing and supporting employee resource groups/inclusion councils

  • DEIB strategy, measurement and implementation

  • DEIB in governance workshops

Flipside Team Solutions:

  • Solutions focussed coaching

  • Facilitated team charters to set parameters around purpose, goals, behaviours, roles, healthy conflict, decision making

  • Flipside's 4 Cornerstones of High Performance Communication 

  • Mediation 

This element of Flipside's delivery is designed to align new teams or to set disconnected teams on a happier, more productive pathway. With a focus on psychological safety, trust and high EQ communication, teams emerge knowing each other better, aligned to their purpose and with tools to communicate more effectively. 

'We went through a difficult legal investigation and Suran came in to help rebuild the team's culture and coached some team members to a new outlook. The team are now communicating well, are much happier and best of all, none of them have left!'

A room full of people at a Flipside Consulting workshop

'The program was excellent. I attended with a degree of skepticism and believing that it was a space I did ok in as a leader but on reflection I have considerable opportunity to improve.'


'I have done a lot of training over the years, both personally and professionally, and I don't fear 'looking myself in the face', but this course gave me great new ways to get the best from my team


Had an amazing time! Very cool course and it was great to see the 1 or 2 people reluctant to be there actually enjoy it, get involved and tell me today that they are glad they did the course'


Flipside will tailor challenging, empowering programmes to any business – from lunch and learns to longer-term strategic partnership to ensure your workplace culture is inclusive, emotionally intelligent and invites innovation.


Research shows that productivity levels surge when staff a sense of belonging and that their contributions are valued - all wider aspects of the business grow and thrive as a result of this.
In other words, inclusion and belonging really matter.

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