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Our Services

Our style is cool, interactive, inclusive and flexes with the challenges your team face. Our high impact shot-in-the-arm approach defies ‘the traditional workshop’ and will inspire new ways of thinking and behaving. Past client engagement has focussed on helping a company put wellbeing, inclusion and great communication at the very heart of their culture.

What We Offer

  • Culture reviews - interviews, focus groups & reports

  • Inclusive leadership workshops (executive and people leader level)

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion workshops

  • Communication workshops

  • Executive coaching 

A room full of people at a Flipside Consulting workshop

Our Workshops

Workshops involve a range of topics tailored to engage your staff and align with your inclusion strategy; ​​​

  • Why equity, diversity and inclusion matters

  • The neuroscience behind tribalism, bias and why we find it hard to speak up

  • PC gone mad; the place for banter in the workplace

  • Bullying, harassment and other cultural challenges

  • Unconscious bias; beyond the buzzwords

  • Gender in the 21st century (think porn, social media, modern masculinity and some of the gritty stuff)

  • How to embed allyship into company culture​

  • Communicating with impact; giving and receiving feedback, active listening, courageous conversations


Workshops can be one hour, a full day, or anything in between. In person is great, but most topics can also be delivered online.​​​

Flipside will tailor challenging, empowering programmes to any business – from 30-minute lunchtime sessions to longer-term strategic support to ensure your workplace culture is inclusive, emotionally intelligent and invites innovation.


Research shows that productivity levels surge when your staff are feeling valued and their most authentic selves, and all wider aspects of the business grow and thrive as a result.
In other words, diversity and inclusion really matters.

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