• culture reviews - interviews, focus groups & reports

  • 1 hour to full day tailored workshops

  • executive level strategic guidance

  • facilitated 'tricky topic' sessions

  • executive coaching 

  • team/trust building

  • action learning sets

  • research and reporting

We facilitate conversations around some of the tricky topics that inspire new ways of behaving; ​​​

  • the moral and business case for inclusion and diversity

  • bullying, harassment and other cultural challenges

  • unconscious bias; beyond the buzzwords

  • gender in the age of #metoo (think porn, social media and some of the gritty stuff)

  • communicating with impact; courageous conversations

  • the fine line between banter and bullying

  • re-defining of values/culture

Our style is cool, interactive, inclusive and flexes with the challenges your team face. Our high impact shot-in-the-arm approach defies ‘the traditional workshop’ and will inspire new ways of thinking and behaving. Past client engagement has focussed on helping a company put health, happiness and equality at the very heart of their culture.

What we offer: