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When teachers are told students are talented, those students become talented. We get what we expect. Boys know they are perceived as being disinterested readers. How much is nature, how much is nurture – the jury is out. But surely, as educators, we can work hard to overcome our own biases which might lead to unequal opportunities for students based on skin colour, gender, or even seemingly unrelated aspects such as the likability of a student’s parents.

Could I have two strong boys to help with that bench?

Did you know that maths teachers inadvertently give girls lower marks in tests? Or that girls do better in maths tests when they sit them under a false name? Unconscious bias at play.

One extra from Anton Black

The same principles of inclusion that bring out the best in business can be applied to business. Unconscious bias affects our Maori/Pasifika students (finish)


Suran is an experienced teacher with 12 years experience in New Zealand and English schools before founding a British anti-bullying charity. This gave her the opportunity to explore what limits young people’s opportunities when it comes to gender norms, bullying, unconscious bias and mental/physical wellbeing.


Suran now directs Flipside Consulting to help schools and businesses think outside the box. She offers insets or strategic advice in three areas:


  • Unconscious bias - challenging implicit biases that might give some young people less opportunities than others.

  • Gender and sexuality - understanding some of the deeper roots of gender norms which create unhealthy ideals for our boys and girls; exacerbated by new phenomena such as pornography, social media and cell phone addiction. This session includes support for LGBT+ students and staff. Teachers will….bullying, porn, working with parents etc.

  • Stress management - schools are, rightly so, very focussed on the mental health of their young people, however our students can only be supported well by healthy, resilient staff who are managing their own device engagement, have consistent stress management protocols and work in schools with supportive and holistic systems for encouraging staff mental health. This session will provide practical tips for managing workload, having courageous conversations around mental health, and it also looks at school wide procedures to support staff.

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